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Impact Tester
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Energy Measurement Tool Impact tester is one of the methods used to determine the strength, hardness, and tenacity of the material. Therefore the impact test is widely used in the field of testing the mechanical properties possessed by a material. Impact test is a test using rapid loading (rapid loading). In order to understand the impact test, first observe the phenomena that occur on a ship at a low temperature in the middle of the sea, causing the material to become brittle and break easily. Because the sea has a lot of load (pressure) from any direction. Then the ship crashed into an iceberg, so the stress that had been concentrated was due to loading before causing the ship to split in two. In Mechanical Testing, there are differences in the type of load given to the material. Tensile tests, compressive tests, and punters are tests that use static loads. While the impact test (fatigue) uses a type of dynamic load. In the impact test, rapid loading is used. The difference from this type of loading can be seen in the strain rate. In rapid loading or called the impact load, a process of absorbing a large amount of energy from the kinetic energy of a load that hits the specimen. This energy absorption process, will be changed in a variety of material responses such as plastic deformation, hysterical effects, friction, and the effect of inertia.

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